Sometimes I Just Sits And Thinks, Sometimes I Just Sits (poem)

I feel that I could stay forever,
Quiet site of contemplation,
Take a moment out of time,
To search for story, soul, sensation.

A buzz, a haze, an atmosphere,
Hanging over all the day,
The world of woe and want and worry,
Gathered up and washed away.

The noise, the noise that torments me,
Engulfed by silence in this place,
Its insignificance revealed,
By stroke of wind across my face.

Here it is, the high and low,
Light and darkness, life and death,
In my mind, all is war,
But the real world doesn’t hold its breath.

A truth that’s seen but never told,
Even a whisper can tear it down,
With reflection we are cursed,
Can’t tell the echo from the sound.

I’d like to stay but know I can’t,
I must rejoin a world divided,
It helps to remember the many are one,
But no one did it quite like I did.

Written – March 2022

Photo by Alaeddin Hallak on Unsplash

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