Hi, I’m Greg, and this is just a blog, really, but not a ‘This is my mundane life’, or a ‘Ten great chicken recipes’, or an ‘Isn’t politics so divisive these days?’ sort of blog.

This is a place for me to post and collect my various attempts at literary self-expression, both fiction and non. I’d like you to approach with an open mind, and I sincerely hope that you get some enjoyment out of it. Feedback is always greatly appreciated, so please do comment with your opinions if you would like to share them. I am ever-eager to discuss my work, or yours, or writing and art more generally.

Everything is a work in progress. All language is metaphorical. If the only effect that this page exerts on the world is to connect together two voices which would otherwise have passed each other by then it has done its job.

Please refrain from reprinting or otherwise adapting any of my content. All works and rights thereof are mine exclusively, except the images I use. All images are royalty free and are credited at the bottom of each post.