Vainglorious (Poem)

Vainglorious their heads do swell,
No heeding of the warning bell,
Righteous thoughts murder reason,
And blame the weather for the season.

No time to learn, got books to burn,
The past is dead and now it’s their turn,
In extremis life is lived,
Treachery to love, and sin to forgive.

The truth is neither there nor here,
They’ll tell you what you want to hear,
You’ll look to them when doomsday comes,
They’ll hide their trumpets, drop their drums.

They’ve been with us since ancient times,
Singing songs of care with poison rhymes,
But when truth exposes them they’ll strangle their hearts,
We’ll pardon their doubting, and again it starts.

Vainglorious their heads do swell,
Their virtue only time will tell,
When the day is won they’ll wonder why,
Old mother Earth begins to cry.

The darkest destiny is yours,
O soulless saviors, rich or poor,
You tell yourselves you suffer nobly,
But your doom will be pointless, forgotten, lonely.

You may take us all to hell,
Before you realise all was well,
But in the flames I’ll lie back happily,
Because my life may be a joke, but yours is a tragedy.

Written – March 2022

Image from Hasan Almasi on Unsplash

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