Omnipiphany (Poem)

So many things all true at once,
Don’t know what to believe,
Ran out of reasons to stay,
But can’t bring myself to leave.

Justify my misery,
By pointing to the next goal,
Forever summing up the parts,
That blind me to the whole.

Go looking for perfection,
And all you’ll find are flaws,
If you see a world that hates you,
The problem might be yours.

Lost generations,
Looking for each other,
Alone in a crowded world.

Silence deafens,
Raise your weapons,
Through pain we’ll find the words.

It’s all murder, murder,
Guts and glory,
Then faint at the sight of blood.

Turn promised land,
To barren swamp,
And cake our eyes in mud.

Put down your pitchforks,
Take off your ball and chain,
You’ve been marching in circles,
And now you’re home again.

The world carries its own weight,
We can’t hold back the flood,
Cut off your nose to spite your face,
Now you’re drowning in blood.

Stardust falls from distant heights,
Can’t ever stop the rain,
Build a roof over the world,
Stay trapped inside in pain.

Wherever I am now,
Is where I’m meant to be,
Because death is just a horizon,
The limits of what I can see.

Written and published – April 2023

Image by Luigi Manga on Unsplash

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